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“Company is PLANET FITNESS  The Unit 5 Appointment tasks you with the amalgam of the four functions of management: planning, organizing, leading, and controlling,construct a PowerPoint presentation that addresses the affiliation amid the four functions.  Using the company, you called aback in Unit 1 and you will assemble a accelerate accouter that traces the organization’s advance through the POLC functions. Outcomes evaluated through this appointment accommodate AB140-02 and GEL-1.02. Assignment Checklist: Describe how the four functions of administration chronicle to anniversary other. Introduce your aggregation and its mission. Keeping in apperception the organization's mission, analyze one cardinal ambition and trace that ambition through the adapted and operational levels of planning with one specific archetype at anniversary level. Specify the adapted being in the alignment amenable for managing the goals at anniversary akin (organizing function) as able-bodied as what forms of ability would be best advantageous in anniversary akin (leading function). Describe at atomic one academic ascendancy that would aid in evaluating advance against the operational ambition you identified. Be abiding to acknowledgment how you would admeasurement the control. Your acquiescence should accommodate a appellation slide, capital agreeable slides, and advertence account slide. For abetment formatting a advertence account in APA format, amuse see the “Citation and Plagiarism Resources” articulation beneath “Academic Tools”. The presentation should accommodate at atomic 8 slides.

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