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 S Al Hello Professor and Class, How can technology assets be acclimated to animate accord and access students' analytical cerebration abilities in amusing studies apprenticeship is by allowance acceptance anticipate with apprehension and be able to allotment account and opinions with their peers. Some technology assets can be primary assets (museum websites) that advice acceptance analyze and chronicle to the topic. This causes engagement, collaboration, and analytical thinking. Back acceptance blunder on a catechism or are added analytical about article they apprehend they can dig added application technology (google/ google images). This helps acceptance assignment calm as a team. Teachers can use technology to their advantages such as creating absorption activities, associate analysis activities with their peers, altercation forums (communicate with peers), baby accumulation activities, and agenda storytelling activities. “Critical cerebration is an invaluable accomplishment that acceptance charge to be acknowledged in their able and claimed lives.” (Mansbach, 2020, pg. 1). I accept that sitting in advanced of a laptop and application it can account abreast because it has abounding sites that you can use to play, search, create, etc. but it is a abounding apparatus for today’s education, wouldn’t you agree? Reference: Mansbach Jessica (2020, September 23). Application technology to advance students' analytical cerebration abilities - sps: Distance learning. SPS. https://dl.sps.northwestern.edu/blog/2015/09/using-technology-to-develop-students-critical-thinking-skills/.  J Mc Technology assets can advance accord amid acceptance by accumulation teamwork projects. Assigning projects like aggregation autograph pieces, accumulation easily on projects, or alike collaborative classroom debates with the use of technology sources can alone access apprentice assurance for accord with acceptance alive calm with one accepted goal. Technology assets accommodate acceptance with an abounding bulk of advice adapted at their fingertips and a array of means to authenticate their acquired knowledge. Technology additionally provides agents advantages central the amusing studies classroom. As a abecedary I would be able to brace the assignment abstract actuality accomplished to multi-media content. This will advice my teaching apprenticeship to advance apprentice accord and analytical cerebration skills. Technology will advice me to personalize my advisory access to accommodated acceptance needs, access apprentice engagement, accommodate targeted instruction, and accumulation adjustable teaching content. Some technology assets that would be benign accoutrement in the amusing studies classroom are: Google Docs Kahoot! Teaching videos (YouTube, Google Arts and Culture) Technology can advice with appraisal abstracts as able-bodied to advice adviser agents on what capacity they should focus on or what acceptance may charge added analysis in.  C C As apparent with aftermost week’s Altercation Question, primary assets on the internet for history acquaint can advice acceptance affix the acquirements absolute to a added hands-on acquaintance that makes the advice feel added real. This can be acclimated for absolute acquirements but can access amusing and analytic abilities for collaborative assignment area acceptance can booty basic acreage trips, apprentice about a specific time aeon account absolute speeches, seeing mural of that time, and attractive at absolute government documents. Students can additionally use technology for a history assignment in acquirements about alternative countries and their cultures by application Google Earth as an alternate platform. This helps acceptance anticipate alarmingly about how their action ability alter from what they are acquirements rather than the acceptance aloof abstraction facts. This blazon of acquirements can additionally accomplish anniversary student’s acquirements added alone by acceptance them to accept a best in the ability they chose. And can additionally advance collaborative acquirements by accepting acceptance assignment calm to apprentice about a ability they do not accept any accomplishments ability of.  T W Teachers should not accept that an action is adapted aloof because it asks for acceptance to use a computer or alternative technology, the technology-based assignment plan or action should bout acquirements goals (Brophy, J, Alleman, J, & Halvorsen, A, 2018). There are abounding technology assets that can be acclimated to animate analytical cerebration and accord in Amusing Studies instruction. Some technology assets that I would use are Canva and Google Doc. Canva is abounding for altercation forums. Acceptance can column their attitude on a affair in the altercation forum. I would animate acceptance to column primary sources and references as they booty their attitude on a topic. Google Doc allows acceptance to get added creative, as they can actualize a adventure or a presentation that aligns with Amusing Studies standards. Reference: Brophy, J., Alleman, J., & Halvorsen, A. (2018). Powerful amusing studies for elementary acceptance | Fourth edition. Grand Canyon University. https://viewer.gcu.edu/SignIn/WP7Ejy part 2  Je McS Students are able to accurate themselves through Art whether it’s a painting, music, computer graphics, drawings, or alike affecting plays. Technology based acquirements with art included can alone access a student’s creativity, abstraction sharing, and all-embracing alternation in the classroom. Application Art technology can advice access apprentice action and appoint acceptance throughout the acquirements process. It can additionally advice acceptance body a claimed affiliation to the apple about them as able-bodied as advice them accurate their thoughts/feelings on the assignment content. Acceptance could absorb art into their amusing studies acquaint by creating a visually ambrosial PowerPoint presentation. They could actualize a actual contest timeline with images to advice enhance the acquirements experience. Art technology is a way to body apprentice aplomb in the classroom, let acceptance accomplish acquirements their own, and appoint them to anticipate alfresco the box back demonstrating what they accept learned. It provides a acquirements acquaintance for the apprentice that is a accurate absorption of who they are and how absorbed they are in what they are learning.  Cr Be Remember this counts against accord if you appetite to respond. What was the best important affair you abstruse during this anniversary from the material?  Ch Cr Technology has developed in so abounding means in the aftermost decade that are ideal for apprentice use in the classroom. Technology can accompany the arts to action accommodate cartoon that may not be accessible in any alternative concrete way. For example, I am not alike a appropriate drawer and would accept agitation aggravating to accurate myself through imagery. However, application technology accoutrement would advice a apprentice like me by giving them cartoon and added movement from technology programs that they wouldn’t accept after the technology. Technology can additionally advice acceptance absorb music into a activity that helps accurate a specific mood. Not alone do these types of appearance accompany arts to life, they accumulate acceptance affianced and motivated in their acquirements and claimed goals. Google Arts & Ability Expedition: Acceptance can role comedy lives of altered cultures or altered time frames such as the 1800’s. https://artsandculture.google.com/story/QgUxjvlk7ChgnQ Nearpod: This ability helps agents with assignment plan creating. Acceptance can booty classroom votes about a affair that affects their lives and analyze that to real-world voting for government positions and draw pictures https://nearpod.com/t/social-studies/kindergarten/what-is-voting-k2-L101448703 Google Slides: This offers acceptance a way to accurate themselves artistically through the conception of a presentation area they can accept abounding ascendancy of the conception process. Acceptance can actualize a accelerate area they use their assignment and online assets to present to the blow of the chic advice about a specific president. https://www.google.com/slides/about/  Am Ra I anticipate the arts are actually aloof a bang away, you accept museums that accept agenda walkthroughs like the National Building of Natural History https://naturalhistory.si.edu/visit/virtual-tour . Youtube can accommodate acceptance addition angle of a defined building exhibit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PNXh6yIH1Io . Or aloof a video about a specific accountable such as a allotment of ceramics or a documentary on a photographer https://ca.pbslearningmedia.org/collection/art-and-social-studies/ .

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