6200 Discussion Week 10

   SOCW 6200: Human Behavior and the Amusing Ambiance I Week 10 Discussion: Animal Orientation, Gender Identity, and Gender Expression Think about the moment in which you became acquainted of your animal orientation. Do you anamnesis authoritative a acquainted best to be gay or straight? Some accept that gender character and animal announcement is a choice, or added likely, that “people accept to be gay.” The adverse to that acceptance is that one does not “choose” his or her animal orientation; it artlessly is. This anniversary you accede how people’s reactions to someone’s gender character or animal acclimatization impacts his or her ambiance and experience. When adolescents catechism their animal acclimatization or gender identity, they appointment assorted reactions from individuals in their environment. For this Discussion, accede how people’s reactions to someone’s gender character or animal acclimatization may appulse his or her ambiance and experience. Due by 08/042021 Post your acknowledgment to the afterward question: How      might abeyant reactions to an adolescent’s analytic of their animal      identity, or gender role, appulse their amusing environment, behavior and      self-esteem? As      social workers, what role can we comedy in acceptable the best outcomes for      these adolescents? Please use the Learning Resources to abutment your answer. Link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/12yO_SlnZP1Gksr-8Jn1eGpW3P-264j4Q?usp=sharing All account accessories are actuality in this link. I’m not gay I’m affiliated with 2 children’s 

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