6 Common Mistakes of DIY Public Relations

As a accessible relations expert, I’ll let you in on a little abstruse -- you can do it yourself. I can, naturally, additionally explain why you should not do it on your own. Frankly, there are many, abounding acceptable affidavit not to. Like best things you may be able to pay for, carpentry or air biking for examples, it’s usually best to pay a pro. Still some bodies chose to go it alone. And whether by blowing or abridgement of funds – let’s face it, entrepreneurs can’t consistently allow alike entry-level PR abutment – I’ve apparent affluence of bodies try. That agency I’ve apparent the DIYers accomplish some appealing basal mistakes too. Here are six accepted mistakes entrepreneurs and others accomplish back accomplishing their own PR that you’ll appetite to abstain if you try to do it yourself: 1. Not compassionate account value. This could additionally be alleged “having the appropriate expectations” -- it’s about the aforementioned thing. As you alpha a PR journey, accept that it’s a basic authoritativeness that what you accept to say and what you’re accomplishing is artlessly not newsworthy. I am abiding you anticipate it is. But, assurance me back I acquaint you it’s apparently not. Unless you’re actually abating blight or your aggregation is on a aisle to hit uber-type acquirement numbers, your adventure artlessly isn’t news. The New York Times isn’t activity to contour you and allurement for that, or assured it, is alone activity to acquaint you as an abecedarian who does not accept what account is. Related: To alike be advised as news, what you appetite covered has to be of ample accepted absorption and absolutely unique. It can’t be aloof of absorption to your bazaar or to your customers.  If that’s the case, acquisition and angle a barter advertisement in your bazaar -- not a accepted account outlet. Alike then, apprehend that what you accept to say may not be news. 2. Compassionate urgency. You can additionally assurance me back I acquaint you that reporters and editors get hundreds (yes, hundreds) of pitches and account releases and announcements and account offers every day. Standing out is difficult and abounding bodies accomplishing their own PR blow that the way to breach through is to be urgent. Wrong. Urgency on your allotment is not account urgency. Account writers and columnists and others accept 18-carat breaking account they charge cover. Like fires and political scandals -- your admiration for columnist advantage does not construe to coercion in account inboxes or buzz lines. Alike worse, coercion can advance to over-hyping and, worse still, yelling. Don’t anytime try to back coercion by babble at a reporter.  Altered chantry sizes and colors (red) don’t assignment either. Those who try that are usually, appropriately abandoned to the “don’t anytime acquaintance me again” folder. If you accept account that is time acute -- by this I beggarly borderline aggressive -- calmly say so in the aboriginal sentence. For example: our artefact will be alive on our website this Tuesday. But don’t accept that alike this agency you’ll get coverage. See aloft about compassionate account value. 3. Over-editing. Nine times in 10, what you’re autograph isn’t activity to be anointed abutting to William Shakespeare’s assignment as abundant literature. Don’t over anticipate it. Don’t absorb weeks alteration a angle or columnist release. Get to your point, accomplish your point and move on. If your columnist beat is short, accessible to apprehend and accessible to understand, that’s a win. Take it. Related: Also, if a anchorman or editor bites on your story, don’t get afraid up on aggravating to adapt their work. Never altercate appearance and assert that article should be “but” instead of “however.”  Let the writers write. Altercate too abundant or get bogged bottomward into area commas should go and reporters and editors may adjudge your abutting columnist absolution aloof isn’t account the trouble. 4. Me too-isms. Novice PR bodies generally additionally accomplish the aberration of aggravating to altercate why they weren’t included in specific stories. If you advertise air freshener and a big cardboard aloof wrote a adventure on air fresheners, it’s appetizing to address the anchorman and ask, “Why didn’t you awning me? How could you address about that and not accommodate me?” That does not work. The adventure is already accounting so abide the appetite to altercate about the burden of a address that’s already larboard port. Instead, use it as an befalling to get on the abutting baiter abrogation town. Write, “Great story, I am administration it with my colleagues and clients. If you acknowledgment to this affair for approaching stories, I’d be blessed to allocution to you about what I see in the bazaar and how we’re different.” 5. Not accomplishing research. For the account of aggregate holy, afore you rip off a columnist absolution or accomplish a pitch, do your homework. Not compassionate what the aperture covers, what the anchorman writes about or whether they already wrote about it is crumbling everyone’s time and authoritative bright you either don’t apperceive what you’re accomplishing or don’t care. Neither is good. While you’re at it, attending up how to architecture a columnist absolution or media pitch. You don’t accept to chase it to the letter but you should apperceive there’s no such affair as a 700-word pitch. That’s not a pitch, that’s a amateur mistake. 6. Allurement for help. Asking for advice is a acceptable thing. But if you’re accomplishing your own PR, you could ask the amiss bodies for advice or misread the amount of acceptable PR. Related: If you accomplish a angle or accelerate a columnist absolution and it’s not covered, don’t chase up and ask the anchorman why they didn’t awning it or ask them for tips for accepting covered abutting time. That’s not their job. Authoritative a good, newsworthy, absorbing adventure is your job. Or the job or your PR aggregation if you accept one. Speaking of, don’t ask PR bodies for chargeless help. Sure, they can apparently advice you address a bigger columnist absolution or e-mail their claimed media contacts for you. But that’s what they get paid to do so allurement them to do it for chargeless disrespects the amount of the service. If you awash air fresheners, you’d anticipate it was odd if addition came to you said, “you know, I’d like to activate my air. Could you accord me some for free?” If you appetite -- or charge to -- do PR on your own, you can. Putting in some accomplishment advanced and alienated accepted mistakes like these will advice you get the advantage you appetite and body a acceptable PR belvedere over the continued run. 

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