5-7 pages plus title & reference pages; 6-8 PowerPoint slides plus title & reference

Assume that you are on a aggregation of argumentative artifice investigators. You accept been assigned to the afterward case: For abounding years, XYZ Acclaim Abutment in axial Wyoming provided banking abutment to abounding associates of the West Lake community. The acclaim abutment issued loans and added casework that helped abounding in their association to accomplish their dreams; that is, until an centralized accountant attempted to trace a sample of outstanding loans to a accumulating bureau and begin the names of at atomic 7 apocryphal individuals and businesses. The agent anon alerted the bank’s lath of admiral that article apprehensive was activity on. The lath of admiral has apprenticed your aggregation to acquisition out what has happened. As a team, you are tasked with advancing a academic argumentative address that answers the afterward questions in detail: What do you apperceive about this crime? What is the agent of this crime? What areas of the aggregation or alone assets were compromised? What are the centralized controls? What are the alien controls? What crimes were committed? What advice do you need? Who will you interview? Devise a account of 5–10 analytical questions that you will charge answered. Which accounting annal will you charge to investigate this case? What are the alien controls? What is your plan for the investigation? Which assay will you accomplish to actuate the cause? What are your recommendations for the organization? Based on what you abstruse in Phases 1–3, acclaim solutions to avert crime. Click actuality to download the argumentative address template. Part 2:  Based aloft the advice provided, architecture a acute PowerPoint presentation for the lath of admiral that outlines your recommendations for autumn acute abstracts to anticipate this affectionate of adventure from accident again. Your presentation should accommodate the following: Overview Findings Recommendations Conclusion Your address may accommodate illustrations or graphics.

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