4 – Presentation of Data

 Scenario You are the ability administrator for EnVision, a high-tech agent maker amid in Atlanta. This new aggregation designs, manufactures, and sells electric cartage and charging units. EnVision’s different designs, abstruse prowess, and bound antagonism has placed them in the enviable position of accepting a aerial appeal for their band of products. This appeal has generated over a billion dollars in pre-sale orders, and a new accomplishment ability is adapted to accommodated customer’s needs. The firm’s CEO, Mark Hammel, has asked you to abetment him in selecting a new armpit that will lath a new advanced facility. Mr. Hammel has been active advancing a presentation to the lath of admiral and investors apropos new ability needs and has apparent you the aboriginal abstract of his presentation. Some of his thoughts accept biased and his aboriginal mockup of the presentation outline looks to be missing abounding of the account of beat cerebration and advice that you apperceive are all-important in the business world. As a amenable manager, you apprehend that presentations charge to be cold and unbiased. To attach to these principles, you accept absitively to analysis alternative presentations and abstracts which were acclimated to access assorted audiences. While accomplishing so, you charge to agenda the accent and agreeable of anniversary and actuate the accent best adapted for beat presentation. The afterward three presentations accommodate the best opportunities for you to allotment your thoughts application examples for the CEO on advance in his presentation: https://youtu.be/NXMarwAusY4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MnrJzXM7a6o https://youtu.be/D4kL7-aXMX4 Instructions Prepare a announcement to CEO, Mark Hammel that showcases examples of acceptable and poor presentations, and abode the afterward questions. Make adapted recommendations for how to advance with the presentation you are alive on with Mr. Hammel in your explanations. Review the three affecting presentations provided aloft and accomplish the afterward evaluations in your memo: Do biases from the presentation actual abide in these examples? What leads you to accept that biases are present? Explain in depth Evaluate the presentation abstracts and rank them according to their amount of objectivity and bias. Provide suggestions for how anniversary of the archetype presentations could be bigger to access objectivity and abate bias. Give 3 examples  for anniversary presentation GIve 2 examples of a acceptable presentation and 2 examples of a poor presentation

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