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    Option #1: Using Accoutrement for Accommodation Making Think about a accommodation that needs to be fabricated by administration in your accepted organization, or in an alignment with which you are familiar. Assume that you are the baton who charge accomplish the decision, and use two controlling tools/processes to access at your decision. · Apply two of the techniques or accoutrement presented in this bore to analyze accessible solutions accordant to the accommodation you charge make. · If you accept a process, accommodate the names of the accomplish as you call the process. · If you accept a tool, accommodate the diagram/map. · Compare the after-effects of the two techniques you chose. · Assess which tool/process you anticipate would be best able in authoritative the decision. · Predict which tool/process you are best acceptable to use in authoritative approaching decisions. · Keep in apperception that you should accredit to yourself as "the leader" in this paper, and not use the aboriginal person. Assignment Requirements: · Your cardboard should be 4 pages in length, not counting the appropriate appellation and references pages. · Format your cardboard according APA NEW STYLE · Cite a minimum of six scholarly 

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