3 questions (200 words each)

  Explain carpal adit syndrome. What structures are involved, and what anatomy exists here? Recommend blockage tips and treatments for this syndrome. Explain the adapted Allen analysis and Tinel's sign.   Each of us reacts commonly aback we see money on the ground; we angle over and aces it up. Describe how you would get advisers to abstain abnormal angle to aces up items from the arena in situations such as this. Use the four Es: empowerment, encouragement, education, and enlightenment.   Imagine that you are arch a training accident to advice anticipate aback injuries, and you are teaching acceptance the able way to lift. Describe, in detail, your recommended accomplish for appropriation a box from a tabletop and agreement the box on the attic in a way that would not actualize any affliction or ergonomics issue(s). 

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