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  Discussion Absorption Acknowledgment - Avant-garde Convenance Nursing Model Post your complete acknowledgment to the altercation questions in the Altercation Area by the due date assigned. This aboriginal anniversary we are activity to reflect on who we appetite to be and why. Why do you appetite to be an avant-garde convenance nurse? Please note: Start with why you capital to be a assistant originally; what does nursing beggarly to you? Describe the APN role that you are advancing at South and why you chose this role—add a claimed adventure to illustrate.  This is a absorption and accordingly no references are bare nor expected. There is only one (1) post for this altercation board. There is no requirement to acknowledge to any of your peers. Your acknowledgment should be 200-250 words in length. Guidelines: In your altercation response, accommodate a absolute acknowledgment that illustrates a alive and anxious response. Reflective posts accommodate you an befalling to anticipate aback on the concepts and abstracts you advised for the week. A absorption is a adjustment for claimed growth. A absorption column can advice acknowledgment questions, such as, "How has my cerebration afflicted this accomplished week?", "How can I use the concepts or relationships from the advance readings and advance agreeable in my practice?" Absorption enhances claimed and able advance by authoritative access to antecedent advance agreeable and/or presenting atypical account and insights

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