2 part question discussion 200-250 words each

Read the discussion prompts and create an initial post of 200-250 words. After you complete your initial post, respond to your classmates.


1.Please take your time to reflect and answer the following questions:

    Think back to the last time you used percentages, fractions, and decimals in your everyday life. Explain what you were doing and how using this equation helped.Now that you are more familiar with these math concepts, how do you foresee yourself using them in the future?Do you think these concepts will have an impact in your chosen field of study? Why or why not?How do you envision using percentages, decimals, and fractions in a nursing environment?PART 2 QUESTION —— not so much of a struggle just forgetting to simplify large numbers add to the discussionWhat are the critical topics you are still struggling with? How will you improve your knowledge of these topics before your midterm?After identifying the essential topics, what would be the most productive methodology for exam preparation? The common denominator for learning mathematics is working on many problems. Roughly, how many problems did you do to master the math topics provided in this course thus far?
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