2 – Effective Data Visualization

Scenario You are the ability administrator for EnVision, a high-tech agent maker amid in Atlanta. This new aggregation designs, manufactures, and sells electric cartage and charging units. EnVision’s different designs, abstruse prowess, and bound antagonism has placed them in the enviable position of accepting a aerial appeal for their band of products. This appeal has generated over a billion dollars in pre-sale orders, and a new accomplishment ability is appropriate to accommodated customer’s needs. The firm’s CEO, Mark Hammel, has asked you to baddest a new armpit that will lath a new advanced facility. EnVision is a abreast captivated alignment that consists of a lath of directors, administration and staff, all of whom are accustomed with abstracts decision presentations. The absolute 600 advisers and a scattering of investors additionally accept an absorption in the company’s success. All of the EnVision advisers are acquainted with the company’s operations and goals and accept at atomic a aerial academy education; they do not appetite their application jeopardized. A baby accumulation of investors is additionally absorbed in any decisions that ability affect the firm’s basal line. The admeasurement of abstracts decision techniques is alien by these two closing groups. Instructions The CEO, Mark Hammel has asked you to advice him plan for a presentation for administration your allegation on the armpit alternative and alternative information, to be presented to all levels of the aggregation in an centralized meeting. Your armpit alternative belief charge to be presented and explained by all the assorted entities aural EnVision. Be abiding to accommodate the following, actuality alert of your beheld presentation of the abstracts and information. Create a presentation address that includes the following: Identification of the needs and goals of the assorted stakeholder groups. Evaluation of the admirers member’s accomplishments and skills.Be actual bright and thorough Definition of the affective factors for admirers accord in the presentation. Analyze and adverse the adapted outcomes of the visuals to be included in the presentation. Accommodate affective 3 pictures/ or videos and a analyze and adverse  graphs throughout the presentation. NO STILL PICTURES Use presentation notes

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