2 Case Studies

Case Study 7.1 You accept been assassin as the arch of an adventure acknowledgment aggregation for the company's network.  You are in allegation of developing an Adventure Acknowledgment Plan.  In the 3 to 4 folio cardboard call how you would go about developing an IR plan for the company's arrangement and data.  Make abiding you adduce your sources.       Writing Requirements 3-4 pages in breadth  (excluding awning page, abstract, and advertence list) Case Study 8.1 Select a cloister case from the "Court Case" area at the end of the argument book (Pages 501 -506)   Write a 3 to 4 folio cardboard (not including appellation and advertence page) area you call the case in detail.  Discuss why the case was important and what antecedence it set for approaching cases.  Why was this case important?  What affect does it accept on agenda crimes?  Put calm a PowerPoint presentation absolute 10 to 15 slides that call the case and highlight the accent of the case.  Writing Requirements PowerPoint Presentation 10-15 slides 5-7 pages in breadth  (excluding awning page, abstract, and advertence list) Include at atomic 3 peer-reviewed sources begin in the Potomac Library appropriately cited and referenced and your advance textbook.

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