2-2 Final Project Milestone One: Fostering Partnerships

SHORT PAPER Write a cardboard that provides solutions and answers to the afterward prompts.  Keep your answers clear, effective, and focused on the basal account you appetite to offer. Explain how absolute association relations and collaborative partnerships amid a law administration bureau and the accessible can account your precinct’s community. How will law administration assignment with association stakeholders to advance solutions to problems and advance accessible trust? Select government agencies and alternative law administration organizations that your law administration agents can accomplice with. Recommend strategies for alive collaboratively to analyze problems, advance solutions for the community, and access accessible trust. Recommend strategies for alive with individuals who live, work, or contrarily accept an absorption in the belt community. How can these stakeholders aid in anecdotic association concerns? How can these stakeholders abutment facilitating absolute association relations and combatting crime? Recommend strategies for accommodating with advancement and community-based organizations in your precinct. What are the allowances of partnering with these agencies? How do these organizations account from these partnerships? Recommend strategies for alive with bounded businesses in anecdotic and accepting assets on problems of alternate concern. How can businesses advice accord to a absolute association altitude and action crime? Cite application APA citing

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