11/05MGTCB/526 Competency 1 -Assessment and Rubric

Assignment Directions: Step 1: Congratulations! You’ve been assassin as a administrator and accept been asked to assay the accepted cachet of your organization.  Review at atomic 3 all-around companies on the Business Source Complete: SWOT Analyses list.  Select a aggregation - either the aggregation you assignment for, a aggregation you accept formed for in the accomplished or 1 of the companies on the Business Source Complete: SWOT Analyses account - to use for the blow of the advance (this will sometimes be referred to as “your organization”) and assay its history.  Note: Some letters are added contempo than others. It’s in your best absorption to acquisition an alignment with a contempo (within 2 years) report.  Step 2: Review your organization’s SWOT assay and alternative accessible sources to appraise the cardinal needs of the alignment aural a alteration all-around environment. Complete the Organizational Assay worksheet for your evaluation. Note: This blazon of advice is generally begin in the organization’s anniversary report.

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