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Within organizations, the animal assets administration is advised an accessory by some managers and a barrier by others. The acknowledged requirements of managing HR crave you to be the dispenser of policies, procedures, and rules at times and a trusted advisor and adviser at alternative times. There are capricious perspectives on the amount HR behavior accompany to an organization. In alternative words, the policies, procedures, or rules may be beheld as accoutrement that advice or arrest leaders from managing their bodies and will either backbite from or enhance aggregation performance. When not appropriately accumbent with the company's goals, they can abnormally affect the success of the organization. You apperceive that you charge to analysis the accepted HR policies, procedures, and rules and ahead that you may be advising changes, additions, or deletions. Because you are still new and solidifying your position aural the company, you are anxious that missteps now will amount you your "place at the table."   You adjudge to argue with your mentor-an experienced, able HR controlling at addition company. She presents the afterward for you to consider:  •What accomplish will you booty in your policy, procedure, and HR rules analysis with the adornment company?   •What will that involve? As you accede their HR policies, how will you ensure they are finer accumbent with what you see as the company's goals?   •If you acquisition areas area action afterlight is needed, how will you present your recommendations?   •How do you feel your recommendations will be viewed?   •Do you ahead resistance? If so, what plan do you accept to affected that?   •What do you see as the accessible aftereffect from action afterlight in agreement of appulse on the company's performance?   •Write her an e-mail acclamation these issues.   Note: You are appropriate to use a minimum of 2 bookish references in your research. Ensure that citations and references are formatted in acquiescence with APA style.

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