Becoming a Better Essay Writer

Essay writing skills are important to every person. As a student, you will be required to write a number of essays before you can graduate. To be an A student, you need to grow your essay writing skills. The following tips will help guide you in being a better essay writer.

The first step in essay writing is understanding your question. Writing an essay that you don’t understand the question can only lead in giving the wrong information. This can result to a poor grade. Try as much as possible to understand what you are expected to write about. You can use Wikipedia and Google to find the meaning of terms you don’t understand. You can also ask for assistance from your teacher or friends to get a clear aspect on what is expected of you. Always take note of the following terms which are widely used in essay writing;

  1. Critically evaluate
  2. Compare and contrast
  3. Analyze
  4. Evaluate

For each of the above terms a different approach is expected. Ensure you understand the meaning of the terms used in the question.

  • Read widely

To improve your essay writing skills, read widely. The more you read, the more you learn. You can read essays from all courses and not only from your specialized fields. Read essays written by experts and also by your peers. From this you learn to apply different kind of styles and arguments. You also learn the different techniques used in writing. Critically analyze all the articles and documents you read to see how the writers make their arguments, how they persuade the reader and how they support their points with evidence. Pick what you find good in the essays you read to improve your skills.

  • Be Simple

When it comes to essay writing it is important to use simple terms. This will ensure your essay is easy to read and understand. Using very hard and complicated terms can bring confusion to the readers. Avoid hard terms that you are not sure about the meaning as they may destroy your whole essay. They might also lead to you getting a poor grade. Use a language that is easily understandable.

  • Always be on point

When writing an essay, always be on point. For your essay to be on point, you can ask yourself the following questions.

  1. Why am I writing?
  2. What do I want my readers to know?
  3. What do I want my readers to do?

This three questions will keep you on point as you write your essay as they help you stay focused.

  • Have time limit

Before you start writing your essay, it is important to plan and schedule. This protects you from procrastination as you have a plan to follow. It also protects you from last minute rush and poor grades. This can be as a result of poor or shallow research as you didn’t take time to work on your essay.

To achieve a good grade on your essay, you need to start working as soon as you get the question. It gives you enough time for the research. When planning your essay, you can divide it into different steps and have a reasonable deadline for each step. The steps can be as follows;

  1. Read and understand your research question
  2. Come up with chapters for your essay.
  3. Research for best sources
  4. Read and make notes
  5. Begin writing your essay
  6. Complete your first draft
  7. Proofread and edit your essay.
  8. Submit the error free essay.

By setting deadlines and strictly working towards accomplishing them, you can be sure to submit the best essay. Make sure you have enough time to proofread and edit your essay before submission time.

Apart from creating the steps you can decide to work on your essay in three parts. This is the introduction, the body and the conclusion. Assign each part a deadline and work towards meeting the deadlines. By following any of this, you can be sure to submit a well-researched and error free essay.

  • Avoid repetition

Using the same words can make the reader view you as a lazy person. It also makes your essay boring. Avoiding repetition helps in molding you into to a better essay writer. It is also important to eliminate wordiness. You can remove a repetitive word and replace it with one with the same meaning to keep the meaning of the sentence.

  • Write in the active voice

As a student, you can improve your essay writing skills by writing in the active voice. This is because it gives your essay more life. In active voice the subject performs the action. For example Jane wrote the essay. In passive voice the subject receives the action. Using the active voice makes the tone of your essay stronger.

  • Write in the present tense

When it comes to essay writing, it is advisable to write in the present tense. It does not matter when the events or the sources were created. Write everything as if it is happening now and the characters as if they exist as you write.

  • Improve your grammar

For you to be a better essay writer you need to have a great understanding of the basic rules of grammar. These rules are sentence structure and parts of a speech. They consist of pronouns, nouns, adjectives, prepositions, verbs, adverbs and conjunctions. If you have a good understanding of each one of this, then you can be sure to be a great writer.

Punctuation and style are also very important in essay writing. If you have a problem with the basic rules of grammar then it is advisable to take online grammar classes. This classes when taken serious will help polish your grammar thus making you a better writer.

  • Do your research

Before you start writing your essay, do as much research as possible. Get what the experts has on that particular topic. Research from different sources to come up with the best conclusion. You can also go into the field to do your research for firsthand information. You can give your own opinion but make sure you have enough evidence to avoid invalid information. Compare the different experts’ reports to come up with a great essay. In case you come up with new information, make sure you can justify everything.

  • Conclusion

Essay writing skills are an essential for every student. To be an expert in essay writing, you need to read and understand your question or topic of study. Read widely to learn more and always be on point when writing. Avoiding including a lot of information that might not be needed. Always use a simple language that is free to read and understand while avoiding repetition of terms.

Writing in the present tense and in the active voice makes your essay lively and interesting. Carry out a lot of research to ensure you have all the information expected by your lecturer. Study grammar to ensure you understand the basic rules of grammar. This will guide you when it comes to sentence creation and punctuation thus making you a good essay writer.

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