1-1 Discussion- A Career in Merchandise Planning

Throughout this course, you will analyze the retail industry and the role of the buyer, planner, and allocator in the affairs controlling process. The aboriginal footfall in a new career is accepting experience, and generally this is able through an internship. Read the assigned affiliate in the arbiter Retail Buying. At the end of the chapter, analysis the “Snapshot: Nordstrom’s Internship Program” on the final pages. After you complete the reading, analyze the Nordstrom Retail Careers webpage and locate the specific abilities bare to administer for one of the brand’s internship programs. Next, analysis alternative online retailers that are alms agnate internship programs. To apprentice more, you may appetite to appointment the bore “Resources” area to watch videos about what buyers do and bartering internship opportunities. For your antecedent altercation post, abode the following: Locate a retailer, alternative than Nordstrom, that offers a affairs internship program. Column a articulation to the internship description. Discuss the assorted retail commodity planning concepts and abilities covered by the internship. Reference: Clodfelter, R. (2018). Retail buying: From basics to fashion. New York, NY: Fairchild Books. Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZeKUCrNuynw&feature=youtu.be

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